Personhood Education is dedicated to the education of the general public regarding the civil and human rights of all human beings as full persons under the law.

You can now read Personhood Education’s articles on the proper role of Prudence and on the Strategic path Personhood, as well as reference numerous articles on the legality of personhood and the sound medical ethics behind personhood efforts.
The National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW)  produced a video where they pose as pro-lifers against personhood.  The founder of NAPW is Lynn Paltrow an ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Center for Reproductive Rights veteran pro-abort.
American Life League investigated the claims made by NAPW in their video and found them all to be distortions and lies.  Watch both videos and learn how pro-abort groups distort the truth.


One comment

  1. I’m not denying that the 1st video left out facts, but they were pretty irrelevant to the point the filmmaker was trying to make. Even after watching the 2nd video and knowing all the facts, I still don’t understand the 2nd guy’s point. So hospitals being concerned about lawsuits is more important than protecting the rights of the pregnant woman? Or the unborn child?

    As for the 3rd story, regardless of the hospital’s “concerns” for her or the baby, they should NOT have strapped her legs down! They should have showed up at her door with discharge papers saying please sign this so we’re no longer liable for u, not with a sherif.

    As for the 4th story, the fact that she took drugs and drank wasn’t the reason that they charged her for murder. The case stated that it was because she refused to c-section earlier. Regardless of the reason why she refused, that’s the reason the court chose, NOT the drugs. So if drugs and alcohol weren’t an issue, then this same case could potentially happen to another, drug-free woman.

    And also, no one is “pro-abortion.” Abortion is a horrible thing for any woman to have to go through. What we are for is women’s rights and not being told when and how we can have babies.

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