Lawsuit Filed Against the Director of the Office of Legislative Council and the State of Colorado

The “Blue Book” as it is commonly known, is a guide that is put out by the state to give people an overview of the ballot initiatives and allow proponents and opponents an opportunity to give the arguments in favor and against the initiatives.

Over five months of hearings and draft proposals and after almost 70 pages of documentation, the Office of Legislative Council adopted ZERO arguments from the proponents while adopting the very language, tone, and tenor of the opposition.  This resulted in a manifestly partial, unfair, and biased ballot analysis going out on the tax payer expense to every registered voter in Colorado.

The Blue Book being mailed, is in clear violation of Colorado Constitution, Article V, § 1(7.5), requiring the non-partisanresearch staff of the General Assemblyʼs Legislative Council to provide a fair and impartial analysis of each measure, which shall include a summary and the major arguments both for and against the measure.

The blue book contains outright lies that will mislead voters, such as: that Amendment 62 would have the effect of preventing women from getting treatment for miscarriages, that Amendment 62 would result in prosecutions of medical professionals when they treat pregnant mothers, and that the term, “the beginning of biological development of a human being” has no basis in law, medicine, or science.  All of these assertions go further than representing opposing arguments, they are patent lies, and the state should not use tax payer money to promulgate them.

The proponents of Amendment 62 demand the Office of Legislative Council issue a retraction to every person who has received a blue book, and we ask the courts to put a stop to the printing and further mailing of this biased and unconstitutional Blue Book.

Otherwise, the state will have joined forces with Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, the and the political establishment to prevent the voters of the state of colorado from receiving both sides of the argument regarding Amendment 62.

You can read the complaint by clicking on the link below.

Garcia Hanks v State


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