Hungarian President Honored for Championing Pro-Personhood Constitution

New York—Last night, the Path to Peace Foundation, in conjunction with the mission of the Holy See to the United Nations, presented Hungarian President Dr. János Áder with their highest award for his contributions to defending human life from the moment of conception and the institution of family.

President Áder is the first president elected under Hungary’s new national constitution, which took effect on January 1, 2012. The constitution’s opening line, “God bless the Hungarians,” marks a drastic shift from the nation’s previous Soviet-era constitution and the secularized constitutions of Hungary’s European neighbors.

The constitution goes on to enshrine personhood among their country’s highest values, saying: “Human dignity is inviolable. Everyone has the right to life and human dignity; the life of a foetus will be protected from conception.”

“Hungary pledged its love for freedom in 1989,” President Áder remarked, “when it drove the first nail into the coffin of communism.” After many years they have finally realized that love, through “a mandate of the people” to change their constitution. “The time was right now,” he said.

When told of Personhood USA’s efforts to amend American constitutions, President Áder expressed his encouragement and support.

Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, apostolic nuncio from the Holy See to the United Nations, praised Hungary’s constitutional protection of unborn life without exception or apology and their firm commitment to marriage and family. He noted that these are the results of a nation whose government is in submission to God.

At the Global Pro-Life Unity Summit in May, Dr. Judith Szigeti of Hungary’s pro-life Alfa Alliance told the summit how the “celestial and terrestrial constitution” inspired one million citizens to cheer the slogan: “Peace in the womb! Amnesty for us — amnesty for our children before birth!” at a rally in support of the new constitution. She also challenged Hungarian lawmakers to now put into practice what they have put into words by changing the penal code to fully criminalize abortion.


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