The Brady Project

On July 5, 2012 Heather Surovik was only days away from giving birth to her son Brady, when tragedy struck. A drunk driver, on his fifth DUI, struck Heather’s car, killing baby Brady and injuring the rest of the family.

Prosecutors were not able to charge the drunk driver with the death of baby Brady Surovik because under Colorado law a preborn child is not considered a person. The media quickly dehumanized baby Brady by referring to him as a “fetus.”

There are 23 states and the federal law which recognize the preborn child as a victim of a homicide, but Colorado is not one of them.

In 2012, abortion advocates led by Planned Parenthood and the Colorado Democratic Party defeated a bill, HB 1130, that would have brought justice to families like the Suroviks.

The Brady Project is a way for Brady’s memory to live on and also a way to bring justice for all the other babies who are dehumanized by the abortion industry and their allies.



  1. Good luck. Be persistent. We’ve been working towards a fetal homicide bill in New Hampshire for over 20 years. We got closer than ever last year, but the legislature failed to override the governor’s veto. (For more information, see posts about Dominick’s Law and HB 217 on my blog Leaven for the Loaf.) Unfortunately, more children – undeniably wanted & chosen by their mothers – will have to die at the hands of drunk drivers and other abusers before we finally get this policy enacted.

  2. got my petition this week and I’ve started getting signatures.I always feel GOOD greeting the citizens of colorado and talking about the unborn baby humans.I collected signatures for both PERSONHOOD campains in colorado,and I’m ready to start the next PERSONHOOD in colorado.adios-kevin kelly

  3. So happy there will finally be a voice for all those children who have died at the hands of criminals. I am an evangelist who is pro-life we will be keeping you and your family in our prayers and will keep this petition alive here in the town of Haverhill, Ma.

  4. It’s the second anniversary of my first learning of the tragedy of our loss of Brady Surovik. I say OUR loss, because it’s just that. The saddest part of all, past the unbearable tears and loss of the Surovik family, is the unknown. Some one born will be the next JFK, the next Einstein, the next Dr King, the next Maya Angelou…. but in the case of our precious Brady, we will now never know. We will never know what some thoughtless and irresponsible person has stolen from us all. We will never know. Rest in the arms of the angels precious one…. and know that you were loved, and that we all still remember that you WERE a person, even as arrogant men dismiss you; we never will.

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