Uruguay collects enough signatures to put pro-life referendum on the ballot

Uruguayan pro-life advocates have collected 52,000 signatures, approximately two percent of the national population, to call a referendum on legalized abortion. The national legislature legalized abortion earlier this year, against the will of most Uruguayans. If approved by voters, the referendum would overturn the law and protect all unborn children without exception.

Notorious for irreligious and left-leaning policies, Uruguay became the first Latin American country besides Cuba to legalize abortion in October 2012. Nevertheless, the largest poll ever conducted on the issue of abortion in Uruguay showed a majority of households identified themselves as prolife and in favor of protecting life before birth. The numbers, translated to 56.1% prolife and 43.9% pro-abortion, are a clear indicator that the majority of Uruguay citizens are not in favor of abortion.

This 118,264 household poll directly challenges a much smaller survey of only 800 people, which appeared to inaccurately claim that the majority of Uruguay citizens were in favor of abortion.

Despite these favorable odds among the people, politicians and media will do their best to skew the results of a referendum in their favor, in order to promote their own political agenda.

The referendum must now be approved by 25% of the population in a non-binding vote, so that it will be placed on the ballot in the next election. If passed, it will overturn the unpopular 2012 law legalizing abortion.

See the story at LifeSiteNews.com.


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