International manipulation intends fully legalized abortion in El Salvador

by Josh Craddock

International abortion proponents, who make their living pedaling death around the globe, are now manipulating a case in El Salvador in order to overturn the Latin American nation’s personhood protections for unborn children.

A 22-year-old Salvadoran woman known as “Beatriz” is awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court of El Salvador to determine whether the country’s laws will permit her to kill her unborn child who suffers from a severe disability. Her baby was diagnosed with anencephaly (an abnormality affecting the part of the brain and skull) and is not given a high probability of surviving long after birth.

Abortion proponents insist that babies with anencephaly are “lives unworthy of life.” They ignore the precious time a child might live (even up to several years old!) and impose their subjective view that the baby would be better off dead. Of course, we know that Every Life Counts and that personhood must include all human beings, regardless of the state of their physical or mental development.

Beatriz has lupus and kidney difficulties, but medical experts report that there is no serious threat to the woman’s life. El Salvador’s Institute of Legal Medicine advised against abortion and testified to the Supreme Court that “At this time, [Beatriz] is clinically stable, which means that right now there is no imminent risk or danger of death.”

A medical symposium of world-renowned experts in obstetricians and gynecology reported in the Dublin Declaration last September that there direct abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a mother. Indeed, while abortion is prohibited, the laws in El Salvador permit interventions which may risk the life of the baby to save the life of the mother.

Nevertheless, so-called “human rights experts” at the United Nations are calling for a national dialogue to legalize abortion in these situations. These same experts will in one breath opine that persons with disabilities need dignity, and with the next promote abortion to target disabled persons in the womb. International abortion advocates are pushing abortion in this case because they know it will lead to full legalization of abortion.

As the Archbishop of San Salvador warns, “I see the knife killing children tomorrow because the door is opened [today].” The international abortion movement doesn’t care about women’s health or safety in complex medical situations. They simply want to advance their agenda. El Salvador must stand up to these international bullies in order to protect women and their babies.


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