Pro-Life Declaration of Lisbon

Pro-life leaders representing ten different nations gathered in Lisbon on 4-6 May 2012 to support Portugal’s pro-life personhood measures. The undersigned leaders, representing through their organizations thousands of foreign and national pro-life individuals, issued the following joint Declaration, inaugurated upon the occasion of Portugal’s celebration of Mother’s Day (May 6, 2012).

Since then, many organizations from around have joined the Declaration to express their solidarity:


“We, along with our organizations are committed to building and strengthening unity and collaboration among pro-life groups around the globe. We believe that in order to properly protect the right to life, every human being, without exception or compromise, at every stage of development must be recognized as a person possessing the right to life in our respective laws and constitutions.”


  • Argentina: Derecho a Vivir y Ser Amado – Laura Lara Beltze
  • Belgium: Génération pour la Vie – Paul Forget
  • Brazil: Pró-Vida de Anápolis – Pe. Luiz Carlos Lodi da Cruz
    Fraternidade Arca de Maria – Pe. Rodrigo Maria
    Instituto Padre Pio – Pe. Paulo Ricardo; Blog Julio Severo
  • Canada: Campaign Life Coalition, – John-Henry Westen
  • Cape Verde: MPV Movimento Para a Vida – Dr. José Manuel Veiga
  • Colombia: Unidos por la Vida Colombia – José J. Magaña
    Fundacion Vida y Salud – Dra. Sonia Vera R.
  • Czech Republic: Hnutí Pro život ČR – Radim Ucháč
  • Dominican Republic: Pro-vida Republica Dominicana – Joseph Salvatore
  • France: Droit de Naître – M.Georges Martin
    Solidarité France – Axel de Boer
  • Guatemala: Guatemala ProVida – Marisol González de Parellada
    Asociación de Medicos por los Derechos Humanos – Dr. Carlos Parellada
    Derecho A Vivir Guatemala – Lic. Andrea Parellada
  • Hungary: ALFA Association – Dr. Imre Teglasy, Dr. Judith F. Szigeti
  • Ireland: Youth Defence – Dr. Eoghan de Faoite
    The Life Institute – Niamh Ui Bhriain
  • Italy: Campagna Voglio Vivere – Silvio Dalla Valle
  • Mexico: Red Familia – Mario Romo
  • Paraguay: Generación Provida – Richard Izquierdo
  • Philippines: Pro-Life Philippines Foundation Inc. – Eric Manalang
  • Poland: Fundacja Pro Prawo do Zycia – Aleksandra Michalczyk, Mariusz Dzierzawski
  • Portugal: Pro Referendo Vida – Rodrigo Faria de Castro, Luis Botelho, Carlos Fernandes
    Missao Maos Erguidas – Paulo Freire Moreira
  • Romania: Darul Vieţii (Gift of Life) Association – Dr. Daniela Păun
  • Spain: HazteOir / Derecho a Vivir – Ignacio Arsuaga
    CrossRoadsWalk Spain – Jaime Hernandez, Pablo Santana
  • United States: Personhood USA – Keith Mason, Gualberto Garcia Jones, J.D.
  • Uruguay: Protege La Vida – Dr. Maria Laura Evans Abarcon
  • International:
    Human Life International – Stephen Phelan
    World Development Coalition, United Nations – Josh Craddock
    Comissão Latinoamericana dos Movimentos em Defesa da Vida – Prof Felipe Nery

Would your organization like to sign the Pro-Life Declaration of Lisbon? Email to sign the document.



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