Chile considers legalizing abortion for rape; Personhood Education warns it harms one victim, kills the other

A tragic rape case in Chile has sparked calls for legalizing abortion in the South American country. An eleven-year-old girl from Puerto Montt known as “Belen” is 14 weeks pregnant after having been repeatedly molested by her mother’s boyfriend.

Rather than being outraged at the rapist, abortion-promoters have seized upon Chile’s law prohibiting abortion in all cases. Even the mother has shamefully spoken in defense of the rapist and called for the abortion of her grandchild. The popular Presidential candidate, Michelle Bachelet, said via Twitter: “Michelle has a plan to decriminalize therapeutic abortion in cases of rape.” Bachelet previously promoted pro-abortion policies during her tenure as the head of UN Women.

The young girl, however, has declared her desire to keep the unborn child. “I’m going to love the baby very much, even though it comes from that man who hurt me,” Belen said in a TV interview. “It will be like having a doll in my arms.” Current pro-life President Pinera praised the girl for her “depth and maturity” and has asked the health minister to personally look after the girl’s health.

“Anyone who truly cares about a rape victim would want to protect her from the rapist, and from an abortion, and not the baby,” said Personhood Education spokesperson Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in rape and has become an outspoken advocate for others like her and for women, such as her mother, who have been raped.

“A baby is not the worst thing which could ever happen to a rape victim—an abortion is,” continued Kiessling. “That’s why most rape victims not only choose life for their children, but they choose to raise their child conceived in rape.  They express that the baby brings healing, but abortion brings more suffering and destruction—another violent intrusion into her womb.  My birthmother says that I’m a blessing to her. I honor her, and I bring her joy.”

In 2006, abortion allowed a serial rapist in Kansas, Robert Estrada, to repeatedly abuse his four step-daughters, aged 11-16. The sexual abuse was covered up because Estrada easily procured legal abortions for the girls.

“Abortion emboldens rapists,” said Jennifer Mason, Personhood Education’s communications director. “If abortion were legal in Chile, it would allow criminals like this to escape being caught, because he can take the victim to a local abortion provider, dispose of the evidence, and continue to victimize the young girl. Abortion for rape and incest is not compassionate; it is cruel. If Chile wants to protect girls like Belen, it shouldn’t give cover to rapists and criminals.”

Abortion increasingly victimizes women, but it also kills the second victim of rape: the unborn child. Personhood Education warns that legalizing abortion for rape and incest undermines the personhood of the unborn child and will lead to total legalization of abortion.

“Students of abortion history will recall that the gradual legalization of abortion in the cases of rape and incest undermines the personhood of the unborn child,” Mason continued. “If the right to life can be abrogated in cases of rape and incest, why should we respect it in other instances? The child in the womb is a person with rights, regardless of the circumstances surrounding his or her conception.”

The 1989 ban on abortion in Chile was correlated to a near total reduction in abortion-related maternal mortality. In 2008, Chile had the second lowest maternal mortality rate in the Americas, just behind Canada and ahead of the United States.



  1. What a revolting conclusion you draw – that abortion allows rape to continue. Really? You think that if raped girls had to bring their babies to term, the rapists would back off? That the pregnancies of 11 year old children are a deterrent to violent crime?

    I notice that nowhere in this post do you condemn the rapists for molesting children. An abortion is not the worst thing that can happen to a rape victim – rape is. If Chile wants to protect girls from rape it needs to create a legal and social environment where girls can seek legal remedy and be taken seriously. Shame on you.

    1. Abortion allows rape to continue because they’re allowed to dispose of the evidence–the unborn child. The only reason this case came to light was because Belen was pregnant!

      The rapist should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. We fully support his speedy and severe sentencing. Why do you support killing the other innocent victim of rape (against the will of Belen)?

      1. I support the right of women to make choices about their own bodies. If an 11 year old child were to find abortion of her rapist’s baby a violation, I would never support that. But what a grotesque system – that you need to rely on pregnancy for evidence of rape. Disgusting that you would you use the body of a violated 11-year-old to mount a legal claim to control the bodies of all women.

        Perhaps you should show your compassion for raped children by spending your time going after rapists and criminals, rather than scoring points off their victim’s bodies.

      2. Why do you think it should be legal to tear apart the body of one of the rapist’s victims?

      3. Women have the right to control their own bodies, but that right doesn’t include dismembering their unborn child. The baby in the womb is not part of the woman’s body. I think I have a say in this because I love my neighbor as myself, and I don’t think it should be legal to kill my innocent neighbor.

      4. The baby in the womb isn’t part of a woman’s body? Really? So what role do you think women play in pregnancy – are they just incubators, as far as you’re concerned?

  2. Your conclusions are disturbing; you seem to care more about an embryo than an actual child who was savaged in the worst way. Shame on you for using this child as an example to push your anti-choice, anti-women sentiments. But I’m not surprised–the dominant culture and its religions is violently patriarchal, and you’re only upholding that repulsive status quo.

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

    1. Absolutely not! I want to protect both victims of rape–the mother and the child. Moreover, I want to prevent children like this from being repeatedly abused by rapists who conceal their crimes through abortion.

      1. Rapists do not conceal their crime through abortion. They conceal their crime because women and girls who are raped are shamed into silence, or not taken seriously by the law. There should be no need for a rape victim to be visibly pregnant before her claims are taken seriously.

        Or is pregnancy the only evidence you will accept that a crime has taken place?

      2. Once again, absolutely not. There can be plenty of evidence admitted proving guilt of rape, and the physical existence of a child is only one of those evidences.

        Nevertheless, the sad fact is that legal abortion facilitates rapists who have a position of authority over a minor (as in the case of Belen or the Estrada case linked to in the article). These rapists take the young woman to the abortion clinic and are able to continue their abuse because the rape goes unnoticed and unreported. We should be thankful for Chile’s pro-life laws, since the pregnancy alerted Belen’s grandmother to the rape and she was able to call the authorities and have the rapist prosecuted.

      3. Rapists escape prosecution all the time because by the time the minor comes of age and speaks out, the evidence (the child conceived in rape) has been destroyed.

        Why do you think children conceived in rape deserve the death penalty?

      4. Because they’re not children…and before they’re viable, they’re more akin to a parasite, and the rights of the LIVING woman trump that of the unwanted FETUS growing inside them.

      5. That’s literally the opposite of what I said. Please respond to what I actually said.

  3. Let me ask you something, in all honesty. The article you linked to says this:

    “She wasn’t violated and he would not have used force,” she (the mother) said, adding that the relationship between them was consensual.

    Do you, personally, believe that an 11-year old can consent to a relationship with an adult male? If yes, do you believe that means the girl wasn’t raped? If not, why did you link to the post?

    1. She was absolutely raped and had no power to consent. The rapist should be punished and the mother is obviously complicit in the crime. The mother has done a terrible job of protecting her 11-year-old child! The link is simply to a news story, showing that some abortion proponents are calling for change in Chile’s laws.

  4. Shamed into silence?????? Abortion is shame into silence. “Take care of the problem? And don’t tell anyone” That’s shaming someone into silence. Thank you josh for being a voice in the Prolife movement. Violence is never an answer. Why would you commit a violent act like abortion (and believe me, it is violent) in the name of another violent act (rape) And if this young girl is choosing life, then how dare anyone try to shame her into death? Even at her young age she knows the sanctity of life. That is true love. Abortion stops a beating heart……

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