Pro-life sculptures depicting “The Miraculous Journey” revealed in Qatar

DOHA—A series of 14 sculptures created by Damien Hirst was revealed in Doha this week. The project, titled “The Miraculous Journey,” depicts the development of human life from conception to birth.

The series was concealed within giant balloons, which were successively removed to display the developing child. The series culminates in a 46-foot, anatomically correct baby boy. Together, the sculptures weigh 216 tons and are visible from both the highway and the desert. The project reportedly cost $20 million.

Mr. Hirst’s interest in the prenatal journey began when he had children of his own. “Everyone talks about our life’s journey, but we have a whole journey before you’re born,” he told the New York Times.

Other pro-life sculptures by different artists appear in Colombia and Slovakia.

See the photos from Qatar provided by Doha News:



  1. So encouraging to know that people more talented than I also carry a burden for this cause! Thank you, Damien Hirst!

  2. This really is political neutral… there is nothing pro-life or pro-choice about it… it’s theme is more about biology than anything else

    1. Yes, I could agree if God and the beginning of life were not implied with the title “The Miraculous Journey.” This title alone gives credence to the fact that life begins at conception. To strengthen the point, watch the 180 movie online. It will demystify what many Americans are being fed about abortion. It is murder and to justify it to fit with our whims is crazy. Watch 180, please.

  3. I am thrilled that there are people around the world who dare courageously to do something this monumental and so beautiful as art that is PRO-LIFE in PUBLIC!

  4. When looking I kept thinking we have a choice – do we make it an ordinary life or a miracluous one. The choice of our journey belongs to us – a visual that may spur us on to a decision.

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