Slovakian March for Life rivals demonstrations in 1989

slovakian march 2The Slovakian March for Life stunned Europe last month as 80,000 citizens gathered to say “Yes to life!” By contrast, the Gay Pride March in Bratislava drew only 1,000. One participant in the March for Life called it “the greatest civil demonstration in Slovakia since the fall of communism in 1989.“

Miroslav Mikolášik, a member of the European Parliament, spoke to the crowds. “Pro-life organizations, priests and activists, and people of good will decided to come and show the value of human life and the natural family composed of man and woman and also the right of parents to educate their children according to their convictions.”

“It is something that has to be shown to the leaders of our country and also of Europe,” he added.

Mikolášik pointed to a recent decision from the European Court of Justice which acknowledged protections for the human embryo.

The event’s official manifesto called on the government of Slovakia and the European Union to adopt Personhood laws  “to create the legislative conditions to protect human life from conception until its natural death.” It also brought attention to the European Citizens’ Initiative, “One of Us,” which would ban EU financing of abortion and other embryonic destruction.

slovakian march 3

Personhood petitioners in the European Union have collected more than 1,400,000 signatures for the “One of Us” campaign, surpassing the requirements to call for legislation from the European Commission. It is only the second initiative to do so.


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