Australian abortion promoters oppose all fetal homicide laws, even ones that don’t affect abortion

New South Wales, Australia (11/6/2013)—Abortion promoters in Australia rallied in opposition to a bill that would protect pregnant women and unborn children from criminal acts. The proposed “Zoe’s Law” was inspired by the death of unborn baby Brodie Donegan, who was killed by a drug-influenced driver on Christmas Day in 2009.

Despite the scientific consensus that human life begins at fertilization, the bill would only recognize unborn children as living persons at 20 weeks gestation and would not change abortion laws. Nevertheless, radical abortion activists from the Women’s Electoral Lobby oppose any overtures toward protecting any unborn life. They believe participation in high-risk activities and substance use during pregnancy would be threatened by the bill.

Personhood Education argues that laws protecting pregnant women and all unborn children from violent and criminal acts are necessary to ensure that victims receive justice under the law. The Brady Amendment, which will be on the 2014 ballot in Colorado, began when a drunk driver killed baby Brady Surovik. The driver was not prosecuted for Brady’s death, even though Brady was days away from birth and weighed 8lbs 2oz.

“When unborn children are not considered persons under the law, criminals can take human life with impunity,” said Heather Surovik, Brady’s mom and sponsor of the Brady Amendment. “These extreme groups cannot understand the suffering a woman endures when she loses her child in a senseless act of violence and the law denies her justice.”

Like Australia, pro-abortion groups in Colorado are so desperate to oppose personhood for unborn children—even when it means that criminals go free and even when those children are days from birth—that they have declared their intention to oppose the Brady Amendment. Personhood Education supports the Brady Amendment to protect all pregnant women and their unborn children.


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