Personhood Education urges King Philippe not to sign Belgian “child euthanasia” law

The Belgian parliament voted in favor of expanding their euthanasia program to children under age 18 yesterday, despite warnings that killing is not the answer to human suffering. Personhood Education contends that the law is an attack on human dignity and urges King Philippe not to sign the law.

“Euthanasia programs are a constantly expanding enterprise,” said Josh Craddock, United Nations liaison for Personhood Education. “The classes of people that are allowed to be euthanized are growing larger and larger, often without the consent of the euthanized. We’re seeing assisted suicide approved for cases of depression, physical disability, and even eating disorders.”

Personhood Education says the euthanasia law promotes the idea that life is not worth living for those with disability or illness.

Craddock continued, “This law is an affront to human dignity that attacks the most vulnerable in society: children. Belgium already permits abortion and adult euthanasia, so this is just another advance for the culture of death. Killing is not caring. We call on King Philippe to refuse to sign the death warrants of Belgian children and to affirm the precious gift of life.”

Such a move would not be without precedent. In 1990, King Baudouin abdicated the throne to avoid signing Belgium’s abortion legalization into law, a noble gesture of conscientious objection.


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