Meriam Ibrahim is Free!

Another victory for Personhood! As you may have heard yesterday, 28-year-old Meriam Ibrahim was released from Sudanese jail and her death sentence was revoked!

In May, we learned that Meriam—then 8 months pregnant with her second child—had been sentenced to death and 100 lashes for refusing to recant her Christian faith. At that time, it was unclear whether Meriam would be executed while she was with child. This was a clear case of religious persecution and a definite violation of Meriam and her unborn daughter’s personhood rights!

That’s where you jumped into action. When we launched a petition to the Sudanese Government and the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, you answered the call. In just a few weeks, you sent 304,758 letters to these officials, calling for Meriam’s pardon and release. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

Meriam Ibrahim, who was on death row for marrying a Christian and refusing to convert back to Islam, has been ordered freed by a Sudan court, the nation’s official news agency reported.

 The Sudanese Government has capitulated to the overwhelming outcry of human rights activists from around the globe. An appeals court in Khartoum broke under the pressure and agreed to pardon Meriam and release her immediately. Today, Meriam and her children are reunited with her husband, Daniel.You see, when organizations like us are able to put the pressure of the grassroots on power-holders, we can make a difference.

You might wonder why Personhood USA has taken up cases like Meriam’s and Justina Pelletier’s. Why would a pro-life organization get involved with issues that don’t necessarily relate to abortion? Meriam’s case involved the life and personhood of her unborn child, but we care about both mother and child.

You see, every member of the human family possesses dignity and worth. Every human being deserves to have his or her God-given fundamental rights protected at all life stages, from conception (fertilization) until natural death.

That’s why we care about human rights abuses; both at home and abroad, and both inside and outside the womb. Personhood encompasses all of it.

Thank you for getting involved to Save Meriam. Your effort made a difference, and sent a clear message to the Sudanese government and the U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights. Let’s pray that Meriam and her children will be granted safe travel to and asylum in the United States, where her husband—an American citizen—lives and works.



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