Obamacare’s Abortion Regulations Ignored

by Cooper Crouch

Last week, a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigating whether or not regulations from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) are being held up. The investigation was initiated by House Republican leadership. The GAO found that 15 of 18 insurance companies in the investigated sample were in violation of the regulations under the ACA that require that Obamacare plans segregate abortion coverage plans from plans that do not cover abortion (except in cases of rape or incest) so that taxpayer money will not subsidize abortion-on-demand.

The payment scheme set up under the ACA is complicated, but it was an integral measure in the passing of the act. The plans that can cover abortions are Qualified Health Plans (QHP), and under the act states have the right to restrict and regulate how they can be funded regarding taxpayer monies. Twenty-three states have laws restricting when QHPs can offer abortions outside of rape, incest and endangerment of the mother — in turn requiring that insurance providers comply with the complex payment scheme and receive two separate payments from individuals paying for abortion coverage. In the sample where 15 of 18 companies were in violation of this standard, these laws were violated. Violation of these laws mean that taxpayer money is funding elective abortion, in addition to abortions of children who are conceived in rape or incest. The report is proof that Obamacare is failing to uphold the Democratic promise that it would not fund abortion.

cooperCooper Crouch is a United Nations liaison for Personhood USA. Born and raised on the South Texas border, Cooper took interest in public policy at a young age due to her geographic location and immersion during her first job for the Secret Service. In 2012, she transplanted her life to New York City, where she is now a senior studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at The King’s College.


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