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  1. I am trying to create several video presentations in English and Spanish for our state and need to have access to other videos from other states so that we can develop one or more for Florida, picking from the best of each video to create some in English and Spanish for our state.

    Please help me with contact that might help.


    Fred Salivia
    Metro Orlando Coordinator

  2. I would like to get a Personhood group going in my area. Do you have any tips on how to do this? I am located in Riverton, WY and I have a lot of contacts with Christian teachers.

    1. Awesome! Please go to and sign up there. Also you can use the contact form or call the personhood usa office to get something going in WY!

  3. I received a petition form from the American Family Radio to help them get signatures for the Personhood Campaign. I was going to take an active part but the forms I received got thrown away. Is there any way I can get another one, if it’s not too late. I would lile to get signatures in my local church.

    Thank you very much.

    1. GO to and look up your state, if there is nothing active in your state use the contact form to get in touch with them.

  4. Hi; I was trying to resubscribe to the newsletter you’ve been sending me (at I unsubscribed from that account and can’t find how to get subscribed onto it again at the new account listed in the header. Um…help? 🙂


    1. go to personhood usa and sign up, that way you’ll get on the personhood email alert and newsletter lists

  5. Dear Personhood:
    God bless you all for your excellent fight that must be won.

    It is unfortunate that this whole argument is backwards. The abortion proponents should be required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that fetuses have NO human rights under the law. There is one point that both sides should be able to agree upon. It is that there is uncertainty as to the personhood of a fetus. No one has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that fetuses lack human rights, nor indeed that they have them. It is fundamental to our legal system that the state NEVER permits the removal of property, liberty, or life without absolute certainty of the evidence. The presumption of innocence is paramount in our legal proceedings. The burden of proof is on the accuser and we do not deny rights or liberty without absolute certainty under the law. The law must ASSUME fetuses are innocent, and therefore deserving of protection, until proven GUILTY of a crime! This is a simple human right afforded to every PERSON!

    Because of the uncertainty in this issue, we must demand that the innocent be protected. We must demand that the law stop sanctioning abortion until the day comes in the future when someone can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that fetuses have NO human rights. The burden of proof should NOT be on Personhood or other abortion opponents. We are on the right side morally and legally, if we could just get the law to see the obvious.

    Hooray for Personhood. When we bring home these simple points about fetuses to the American legal system, that fetuses are individual people, not test tube experiments, animals, or discardable organs like appendixes, then we will see the slaughter of the innocent stop.

  6. i was beginning to imagine i could be the sole person who cared about this, at the very least currently i comprehend im not nuts 🙂 i will make it a point to see a few several other articles after i get a bit of caffeine in me, it is really difficult to read without having my coffee, I was really late last evening enjoying myspace poker and after having a few brewskies i ended up burning off all my facebook poker chips cheers 🙂

  7. I live in WV and would love to see us included in the states who are participating in banning abortion in their state, like Colorado. I am president of our county’s prolife group, Fayette County for Life. Please let me know what we can do and send us a petition to have signed. We have several events coming up and we would love to participate and get the ball rolling in WV.

    1. Please sign up on the website and you will begin to receive emails. Also, you can contact personhood usa so that they can put you in touch with any folks already working on this in WV.
      God bless!

  8. Could you let me know where I can get some literature to hand out to people about what PersonhoodUSA is all about?

  9. I would like any contact information on any organization or people who may be handling the Florida Personhood campaign. I live in Key Largo, Florida and belong to a Catholic parish here. I would like to get involved in some way, to maybe start a petition drive down here. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  10. Dear Personhood, I recently read the book “Compelling Interests” by Jessica Shaver and it is very educational. Within it I discovered something that has proven to be very interesting. On page 156 of the book, the author describes the abortionists responsibility to fill out a death certificate if the aborted fetus weighs at least 400 grams or is 5 month gestational age. What?! I didn’t know that so I did some research and just read Ohio’s death certificate criteria – it is so contradictory as they state that a fetus UNDER 20 weeks can have a death certificate issued if the “product of conception” died due to miscarriage but CANNOT if they died due to abortion. That is insane and I believe that we need to follow up on this death certificate issue since only human beings are given such certificates – that is we do not issue them for an extracted tooth or tumor removal – so just wanted to ask you if this line of thinking was being addressed. I believe it’s very important and could prove to be extremely powerful in giving the unborn personhood. Thank you, Nalani

    1. Dear NaLani,
      I agree with you…the death certificate issue is completely insane. Don’t know when I have heard a more vivid contradiction. This needs to be addressed for sure.
      Jim Krubeck

  11. habitus’oM кретина, которой передали в камеру ее грудное дитя. Однако,
    несмотря на то что ей было решительно нечего делать, она не захотела кормить
    своего ребенка, говоря, что “ей это скучно”, и последний чуть не погиб от
    голода, так что его пришлось отлучить от груди и кормить искусственно.
    Это полное отсутствие всякого материнского чувства возможно понять,

  12. Thank you for this wonderful work. Please direct me to information concerning the status of this legislation in Arkansas. I am willing to help your organization in this most important struggle to protect those not able to protect themselves!

    Email or phone is fine.

    Thank you and may God richly bless you all.


    Preston Dunn, Jr.
    National Field Director
    In God We Trust ~ America, Inc.
    870 740-3611

  13. Please help respond to Clark Forsythe of AUL who says NO challenge to Roe, regardless of merit, should be allowed before SCOTUS before abortion lovers there die off! Where would we be had Jesus waited for the Pharisees and Caesars to all die before He gave us the Truth? Darkness can’t put out light, John 3. The sooner we say it, the better. See my analysis and line by response to his public statements at http://www.Saltshaker.US/SLIC/AULmissesOpportunity.pdf.

  14. I’d love to get the Personhood USA view on cases involving the well established fundamental right of parents to make medical decisions for their children. Parents have the right to refuse life saving treatment and/or withdrawal of life support from their young children who, I’m sure all can agree, are indeed already living, breathing, beings, without the need to even consider semantics, like, whether they are a fetus and when they become viable. Take Newmark v. Williams, 588 A.2d 1108. Here, the child’s autonomy, it’s right to be free from intrusion by others, it’s right to life, liberty and so on and so forth was entirely marginalized and almost entirely ignored on the basis that somehow the parent-child relationship and the parent’s right’s in rearing their child outweighed the child’s right to live. THE RIGHT TO LIVE! A right that i would argue is perhaps the single most important of all fundamental rights. Our principal right. Indeed that right upon which all other constitutional rights are founded. That being said, the court decided to look the other way when faced with the opportunity to recognize the serious conflict of compelling interests between the parent’s religious and parent-child relationship rights and the child’s right to live. Here, as the court had done in Schiavo, 780 So.2d 176, the should have stepped in as a surrogate decision maker (though this time on behalf of the child’s rights rather than by submission to the court by the surrogate who thereby transferred the right decision right upon the court) and objectively considered whether 40% chance of survival through at least 5 years and with a further possibility that remission would not occur, whether objectively, the child would perhaps choose a different path from that of his parents. Who is to say he wouldn’t become a devout Catholic and renounce his parent’s religious science principals, which ultimately killed him. Here is where the court erred. The court eliminated the single human most important to the decision, Colin, by never considering his interest in life. They focused of course on state interests and the parent’s interests but never on that of the poor young boy. I would argue that these parents’ choice to facilitate the death of their already living, breathing child was even more disturbing than the choice to abort. At least the abortor retains the argument that she’s never seen the being and doesn’t feel connected. Colin was 3. These parents effectively murdered him but what has our legal system done? Absolutely nothing. What these parents did was the ultimate betrayal to Colin and the court’s refusal to recognize this betrayal resulted in sending poor Colin to his ultimate, but certainly preventable, death. I’d like to know if the organization’s zealous advocacy for overruling Roe v. Wade will be followed by an equally zealous fight for the rights of those children already alive to get those same rights you seek for the fetus. It would seem very ridiculous if our system provided a cellular nonviable cluster more rights than Colin. On a separate issue, is there no fear that once the law passes and the cellular organism is considered to be a person, it could have the opposite impact on Roe v. Wade in that it would cloak the woman’s decision as a fundamental right since this child, as a person, is hers to rear as she sees fit and by the looks of cases such as mentioned above, she may find an even greater loophole in the system by reason of her fundamental parental rights which would result in bumping up that standard of review to strict scrutiny, more than even Roe v. Wade granted.

  15. Does Personhood USA have a questions and answers section to alleviate unsubstatiated concerns over passing a Personhood Amendment such as outlawing birth control, IVF, and the life of the preborn taking precedence over the life of the mother? It would be very convenient to have answers readily available and easy to share with others. Thank you, Nicole Kirk.

  16. People can understand concepts about DNA. In any legal investigation if a cell is found and contains human DNA, it is considered part of a person – a human being. Therefore, that fertilized egg containing the DNA of a human being – is a person. The mention of human DNA in that one cell should, in some way, be made part of your summary on personhood.

  17. Dear Personhood,

    I am 100% in support of your organization & what you are trying to accomplish! I’ve always thought this was the logical way to fight abortion, every since I learned about the issue in 7th grade (about 20 years ago!). Bravo!

    That being said, I think you need to stay “one step ahead” of the opposition in one area which I noticed is lacking on your website. There is no mention of “what would happen if this legislation is passed.” Which methods of population control will still be morally ethical? Which birth control options might be endangered, and why? Are there some pill options which would still be OK? I firmly believe that bringing the truth to light on many of these issues will help, rather than harm, your cause. Though sometimes difficult to face, the truth always sets us free.

    The situation must be likened to that of the civil war. Yes, there were economic hardships that the South had to face with the emancipation of the slaves. It was inconvenient for not just some, but many! But was it the right thing to do? Certainly. The same holds true here. A “fertilized egg” is, scientifically, as much of a human as a full grown man or woman. There will be economic and individual inconveniences in adjusting to this fact. But no human should be a slave- no human should be subject to whims and caprices of a deadly or abusive nature of another human, be that other a slave owner or, in today’s society, a mother (even an ignorant one).

    I hope that you will take to heart the need to truthfully address the ramifications of your legislation, and to fully disclose, though in a hopeful manner, the effects we might see.

    Thanks for your consideration,

  18. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 16, 2012

    Greene Announces ″Sanctity of Life Act″ to Define Life from Conception

    LENOIR (January 16) – Today, State House candidate Jordon Greene released the Sanctity of Life Act, a legislative proposal the candidate says he plans to introduce when elected to represent Caldwell County.

    Greene says, ″The Sanctity of Life Act would effectively end abortion in North Carolina by affirming that life begins at conception and declaring the act of prematurely and purposefully ending the life of an unborn child as ′prenatal murder′. My proposal asserts North Carolina′s constitutional right as a state under the Tenth Amendment over criminal law and condemns the federal judiciary′s overreach in power in Roe v. Wade, effectively nullifying the infamous decision in our state.″

    Greene continued by saying, ″The Court′s blanket decision in Roe v. Wade on the abortion question was an overreach of federal power as the Court can only decide the legality of the state′s law in question, not those of the remaining forty∼nine by default. Just as important however is the separation of powers between the federal and state governments. Constitutionally the federal government has no authority over criminal law with the exception of a few enumerated instances, which do not include murder; such cases are the proper jurisdiction of state governments.″

    Jordon Greene says that in years past, ″My opponent and other fellow Republicans regretfully have seemed content with only working on the auxiliary abortion issues. They fail to get to the root issue by allowing Roe v. Wade to hold them down while tens of thousands of lives are lost to abortion annually in our state. The question is should our state allow an overreaching federal judiciary to prevent our state from doing its constitutional duty of protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?″

    Jordon says, ″The answer is clear, North Carolina must take action under the Tenth Amendment and affirm that life begins at conception and declare abortion as a willful criminal act. Just as we must nullify Obamacare we must show the federal government that we will not stand by and let an overreaching federal government prevent our state from protecting life.″

    Greene says he understands that passage of his proposal will be no simple task. ″Liberals will cry foul and claim my proposal to be an attack on abortion and the woman′s ′right to choose.′ I make no qualm about it; it is an attack on abortion, the murder of innocent human beings. However, it is not an attack on the woman′s ′right to choose,′ because no one has a right to end innocent life. That is God′s decision.″

    Jordon Greene says the Sanctity of Life Act will be one of his main priorities in the State House. He says, ″We cannot respect liberty if we do not respect life, and the extension of liberty should be our primary objective.″

    As a defender of life, Jordon Greene′s campaign for NC House will be holding the ″Defend Life Money Bomb″ to help raise funds for the campaign from January 22-23 to help elect Greene and ensure the Sanctity of Life Act is introduced in the 2013-2014 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly.


    For more information:

    Jordon M. Greene – 828.729.4509

    Jordon Greene for NC House
    2206 Planters Way
    Lenoir, NC 28645

    PDF Version of Press Release at:

    Sanctity of Life Act (PDF):

    Jordon Greene is a Republican candidate for the North Carolina State House in District 87 covering all of Caldwell County. Greene is challenging nine-term incumbent Representative Edgar V. Starnes for the Republican nomination to give Caldwell County a voice that will stand for the Constitution, Individual Liberty and the Free-Market. Jordon is a volunteer election law reform advocate, political activist, web designer and born again Christian. You can find the Jordon Greene for NC House campaign online at


  19. This issue is close to my heart. I had 4 miscarriages, and I had a very hard time getting the doctors to find out why my babies passed away. If my babies had been considered “persons” there would have been a medical and/or police investigation to find out what happened.(The doctor said “bad luck, try again”) Also, we could have had funerals for them, and maybe get Social Security payments. The down side would be if a miscarriage happens because of nobody’s fault, but the police would have to investigate anyway in order to get a death certificate.

  20. I strongly feel that everyone ought to just look at those pictures of those poor, innocent, defenseless, little human babies who have been poisoned and dismembered by the various cruel, inhumane ways of killing them and then believe that by seeing these full bodied individuals that they are indeed real life human people inside of the womb. Not only that but way back in 1973, over 50 million babies have been killed and also it took the work of unscrupulous, devious, underhanded means for lawyers to have made this practice legal, which was also fraudulent and defrauds the babies right to exist and it violates the Constitution of the United States of America’s law on: Freedom of Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness, and murder is illegal if you are outside of the womb, and it ought to be just as illegal to murder a living human life that is inside of the womb. They do not even put real hardened coldhearted sociopathic murderers on death row, but yet they put a poor baby who is not endangering anyones lives, and the abortionists are way more endangering the babies lives than anyone, and yet they put these poor little baby humans on death row and have them killed off like that. How is this so politically, morally and legally correct to do? It should be outlawed and made illegal. I also feel that it should not matter whether a person had been raped, or whether it was incessed that had gotten that kid inside of the womb, people ought to be thinking of the baby. Plus, it should not matter what stage it is in, whether it is as small as a finger or as big as a hand, it still has it’s full entire body and is a living human being. What the government ought to also do is, get psychological cognitive therapeutic counselors, and/or reverends, or any leader of any place of worship, to work with the heart and minds of these people to try and get them to understand that:”God’s gift, is this gift of life, and that it is wrong in “His”, eyes for them to have their baby that he gave to them, killed off like that. One of the Ten Commandments was: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, Also, They ought to keep the baby, and the government ought to give them medical insurance and money to take care of the child, just as they do when people adopt and are given $500.00 per month, per child they adopt, and if they still do not want it, give it up for adoption. Also, if medical science could advance they ought to take the kid out of the womb of the women who do not want it, and put it into the women who do and have them adopt it that way too. It is better than killing them.

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